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The Royal Corps of Naval Constructors


BY an Order in Council of August last this corps was established; an Admiralty Circular of November last published the details of the new arrangements; and the result of the first examination for the grade of “Students in Naval Construction” has recently been announced. An important change has thus been made in the entry, training, and promotion of the professional officers upon whom devolve the responsibilities connected with the design and construction of ships for the Royal Navy; yet little public interest has been evinced. There can be no dispute, of course, as to the great importance attaching to the maintenance in the highest state of efficiency of the constructive department of the navy. Shipbuilding is making such rapid strides that all who have to take part in its developments, whether for war or for commerce, require a highly scientific as well as a thoroughly practical education, if they desire to keep in the forefront of progress. And for modern war-ships with their high speeds, heavy burdens of armour and armament, and liability to damage in action, specially difficult problems continually present themselves, the solution of which is only possible by means of scientific procedure. Recognising these facts, it may be well to make a brief statement respecting the new Constructive Corps, and to indicate the manner in which its creation may be beneficial not merely to the public service but to the mercantile marine.

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