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Siwalik Carnivora 1


    BY the publication of the present memoir on the Siwalik and Narbada Carnivora, Mr. Lydekker completes the second volume of the series of the “Palæontologia Indica devoted to the Indian Tertiary and Post-Tertiary Vertebral”. Both these volumes, it may be remarked, treat of mammalian forms, and, with the exception of a memoir on Rhinoceros deccanensis, by Mr. R. B. Foote, are from the pen of Mr. Lydekker. Each volume con tains about 300 pages and forty-five plates.


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      "Palæontologia Indica," Series x. Indian Tertiary and Post-Tertiary Vertebrata, Vol. ii. Part 6. Siwalik and Narbada Carnivora. By R. Lydekker, B.A., F.G.S., F.Z.S. Published by order of His Excellency the Governor-General of India in Council. (Calcutta, 1884.)

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