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THE Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science for January, 1884, contains:—Notes on Echinoderm morphology, No. vii.: on the apical system of the Ophiurids, by P. Herbert Carpenter, M.A. (plate 1).—On the homologies of the primary larval plates in the test of Brachiate Echinoderms, by W. Percy Sladen (plate 1).—On the origin of metameric segmentation and some other morphological questions, by Adam Sedgwick, M.A. (plates 2 and 3).—On certain abnormalities in the common frog (Rana temporaria): (1) the occurrence of an ovotestis (2) abnormalities of the vertebral column, by A. Gibbs Bourne, B.Sc. (plate 4).—Researches on the intracellular digestion of Invertebrates, by Dr. E. Metschnikoff (translated from Arbeiten Zool. Instit. Wien, 1883.—On the ancestral history of the inflammatory process, by Dr. E. Metschnikoff.—The structures connected with the ovarian ovum of Marsupialia and Monotremata, by Edward B. Poulton, M.A. (plate 5).—On the skeletotrophic tissues and coxal glands of Limulus, Scorpio, and Mygale, by Prof. E. Ray Lankester, M.A. (plates 6 to 11).

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