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The Association of German Naturalists and Physicians


    THE fifty-sixth annual meeting of this flourishing association o was held this year in the city of Freiburg, Baden, under the presidency of Dr. A. Clans. The proceedings opened with an informal gathering in the Concert Hall on Monday, September 17, and concluded on the following Saturday with an excursion to the romantic watering-place of Badenweiler. During the four intervening days the several Mathematical, Physical, Biological, and Medical Sections met regularly in the old University, the High School, Gymnasium, Chemical Laboratory, and other local institutes. All were fairly well attended, and amongst the distinguished savants present mention may be made of Professors Stickelberger, Fischer, Hildebrand, Weismann, Maier, Drs. Hack, Nicolai, Lehmann, and Thiry. As many as 120 papers and monographs in nearly all branches of science were either read or submitted to the Association, and summaries of most of them inserted in the official journal (Tageblatt) of the proceedings. Of this journal four numbers altogether were issued, and their varied contents convey a tolerably accurate idea of the immense amount of work got through during the four days devoted to the special objects of the Association.

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