Official Reports on Cholera in Egypt


    SCURGEON-GENERAL HUNTER, who was com missioned by the Government to make inquiry as to the circumstances attending the cholera epidemic in Egypt, has sent two reports to the Foreign Office. Neither pretends to afford full information on the subject which has been under investigation, but the more recent one, which gives information up to August 19, supplies some indication as to the opinion Dr. Hunter has formed with regard to the etiology of the epidemic. In his first report Dr. Hunter gives the cholera deaths registered up to July 31 as 12,600, but he adds that, owing to defective registration, the total mortality will probably be found to have been nearly double that number. Since that date some 15,000 more deaths have been registered, and if the same faulty system of registration has been maintained, the total mortality up to the present date cannot have fallen far short of some 55,000. The inquiry undertaken by Dr. Hunter relates therefore to a matter of the greatest magnitude, the more so as Egypt has apparently been free from cholera ever since 1865. It is however precisely this question of immunity from cholera that will be raised by Dr. Hunter, and already we are able to gather what opinion will be expressed on this point.

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