“Zoology at the Fisheries Exhibition”


LETTERS have been published in NATURE of August 9 and 16 (pp. 334 and 366) by Mr. Bryce-Wright of Regent Street and Prof. Honeyman of Canada, calling in question the accuracy of statements made in an article in NATURE (vol. xxviii. p. 289) which were condemnatory of exhibits for which these two gentlemen are respectively responsible. It is natural that they should seek to remove the unfavourable impression which the statements in question were intended to convey: they seem, however, to have been unacquainted with the complete character of the information upon which the statements were based. Mr. Bryce-Wright states that it is not the fact that some of the corals exhibited in Lady Brassey's belong to him. Nevertheless it is the fact that when the jury of Class V. asked Mr. Bryce-Wright to point out the corals entered in the official catalogue under his name, No. “813b,” he informed them that the corals so entered were in the same case with Lady Brassey's corals, and formed part of that collection. It is also the fact that in the opinion of experts the names attached by Mr. Bryce-Wright to many of these corals are incorrect; and as to his assertion that these specimens have been compared with those in the British Museum and with those obtained during the Challenger Expedition, it is a fact that neither the one series nor the other has been accessible for such purposes for some considerable time, and I have reason to believe that no qualified zoologist has made a comparison of the corals exhibited by Lady Brassey and Mr. Bryce-Wright with any collection at all.

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