Vorlesungen über Pflanzen-physiologie


THE fourth edition of Prof. Sachs's well-known textbook of botany being nearly exhausted, his friends and publishers urged him to set about the preparation of a new edition; but the revisal necessary for the publication of the fourth edition had been so irksome that nothing would induce the author to attempt the task again. Moreover his views on many important questions concerning the physiology of plants had changed: points once considered all-important had lost much of their importance, and expanded views acquired in the progress of time could not be made to fit into the framework of the old work.

Vorlesungen über Pflanzen-physiologie.

Von Julius Sachs. (Leipzig: Wilhelm Engelmann, 1882-83.

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W., E. Vorlesungen über Pflanzen-physiologie . Nature 28, 460 (1883). https://doi.org/10.1038/028460a0

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