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The Wings of Pterodactyles 1

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THE first Pterosaurians discovered were recognised as flying animals, but were thought to be bats. As soon as their general structure became known, they were classed with the reptiles, although it was considered possible that their power of flight was due to feathers. Later their bones were mistaken for those of birds by various experienced anatomists, and others regarded them as sharing important characters with that group. Some anatomists, however, believed that the fore-limbs of Pterodactyles were used for swimming rather than for flight, and this view has found supporters within the present decade. A single fortunate discovery, made a few years since, has done much to settle the question as to the wings of Pterodactyles, as well as their mode of flight, and it is the aim of the present article to place on record some of the more important facts thus brought to ight.

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  1. Yale College, New Haven

    • O. C. MARSH


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