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    Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, vol. 1. part 2, No. 4 (December 21, 1881), contains: W. T. Blanford, notes on an apparently undescribed species of Varanus from Tenasserim and notes on other reptiles aud amphibia.—T. Wood-Mason and L. de Nicéville, second part of rhopalocerous lepidoptera from Port Blair, Andaman Islands, with descriptions and notes on new or little-known species and varieties (plate 14). This last adds twenty-two species to the fauna.—Geoffery Nevill, description of a new species of Rostellaria from the Bay of Bengal (R. delicatula).—W. T. Blanford, a numerical estimate of the ospecies of animals, chiefly land and fresh-water, hitherto recorded from British India and its dependencies: Mammals 405, Birds 1681, Reptiles 514, Batrachia about 100, Fishes 1357, Mollusca land and freshwater, about 1000, Coleoptera, 4780, Hymenoptera, 850, Lepidoptera 4620, Hemiptera about 650, Neuroptera about 350, Diptera 500 (?) Orthoptera 350 (?) Arachnida 120, Myriapoda 50, Crustacea, land and fresh-water, 100. A glance at these figures and a comparison of them with the number of species known of the Arthropod orders in Europe will show Anglo-Indian naturalists how much there is yet to be done before the fauna of this great country approaches a complete enumeration.—J. Wood-Mason, on Euripus cinnamomeus, a new species from North-East India (plate 4).

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