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Illustrations of New or Rare Animals in the Zoological Society's Living Collection 1


    VI. 14. THE GORAL (Nemorhædus goral).—The “Goral,” or “Gooral” of the Himalayan sportsmen is one of the groups of Goat-like or “Mountain” Antelopes, of which we have previously had an example in the Japanese Goat-Antelope (Capricornis crispa) figured in a previous article (NATURE, vol. xxiii. p. 488), but is slightly divergent in form, and in some respects perhaps more nearly allied to our familiar Chamois of the Alps and Apennines. In its general habit, as Dr. Jerdon tells us, the Goral is very caprine in appearance; the back is somewhat arched, and the limbs are stout and moderately long, which renders it well adapted both for climbing and jumping. The Goral inhabiis the whole range of Himalayas from Bhotan and Sikim to Kashmir, at a range varying from a little above 3000 to nearly 8000 feet, though most common at about 5000 or 6000 feet. It is also found in the Sewalik Hills. According to Capt. Kinloch it is the least wild of all the Himalayan game-animals, and may often be seen in the immediate neighbourhood of the large hill-stations of Simla, Mussourie, and Nynee Tal. Its favourite haunts, we are told by the same distinguished sportsman, are the valleys of the Ganges and the Jumna and their tributaries; in the province of Chamba, north of Sikim, they are said to be particularly numerous.

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