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Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society


    THE papers in this volume, as usual, are mostly purely analytical in their character. Prof. Cayley's contributions are very short: the binomial equation xp - I = 0; quinquisection; on the flexure and equilibrium of a skew surface; on the geodesic curvature of a curve on a surface, and on the Gaussian theory of surfaces. Sir J. Cockle continues his remarks on binomial biordinals. Mr. Glaisher's papers are also few and short, viz. on some definite integrals expressible in terms of the first complete definite integral, and of gamma-functions; note on certain symbolic operators and their application to the solution of certain partial differential equations. Messrs. Crofton and J. J. Walker have some points of contact, the former writing on operative symbols in the differential calculus, the latter continuing his theorems in the calculus of operations. Mr. Walker also contributes a quaternion proof of a problem discussed by Mr. S. Roberts, viz. certain tetrahedra specially related to four spheres meeting in a point. Mr. Roberts also gives a historical note on Dr. Graves's theorem on confocal conies.” Mr. W. R. W. Roberts has a paper on the periods of the first class of hyper-elliptic integrals, and a note on the coordinates of a tangent line to the curve of intersection of two quadrics. Mr. T. Craig has a note on Abel's theorem. Papers bearing on geometry are contributed by Prof. Genese, on a system of co-ordinates; by Mr. H. Hart, on the general equation of the second degree in tetrahedral co-ordinates; by Mr. H. M. Jeffery, on bicircular quartics, with a triple and a double focus, and three single foci, all of them colinear; and on spherical quartics, with a quadruple cyclic arc and a triple focus; by Prof. Mannheim, sur les surfaces parallèles; by Mr. R. A. Roberts, on the tangents drawn from a point to a nodal cubic; and note on a system of cartesian ovals, passing through four points on a circle. Signor Brioschi writes sur une propriété du paramètre de la transformée canonique des formes cubiques temaires; and Mr. Carpmael renews an old discussion in his some solutions of Kirkman's 15-school-girl problem. The subject of kinematics on a sphere is ably treated by Mr. E. B. Elliott. Mr. Routh contributes some applications of conjugate functions, and Mr. W. D. Niven writes on the electrical capacity of a conductor bounded by two spherical surfaces cutting at any angle. The presidential address is by Mr. C. W. Merrifield, and is entitled “Considerations respecting the Translation of Series of Observations into Continuous Formulæ.” We have sketched out a bill of fare appealing to many diverse tastes, and we can assure our readers that the dishes are all of admirable quality.

    Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society,

    vol. xii. (November 11, 1880–November 10. 1881).

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