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The Aurora 1


I. IT has often been remarked that the importance of Arctic exploration is not so much in the geographical discoveries which can now be made during our slow advance towards the North Pole, as in the additions which accrue to physical geography by the observer; quite a new field of observations being opened to the observer during his stay in Arctic regions. The accuracy of this remark is completely confirmed by the new and most important conclusions as to the nature of auroræ which Baron Nordenskjöld has arrived at during the wintering of the Vega in the neighbourhood of Behring Strait.


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    A. E. Nordenskjöld, "Om norrskenen under Vegas öfvervintring vid Berings Sund, 1878–79," in "Vega Expeditionen Vetenskapliga Arbeten." The Scientific Work of the Vega Expedition, part I, pp. 401–452.)

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