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    THE recent geological exploration of the shores of Lake Baikal by M. Tchersky has been fruitful of important results for science. The rocks of which the mountains on the western shore are built up belong to three different ages: pre-Silurian (probably Laurentian), Silurian, and Jurassic. The Laurentian rocks afford several foldings running north-east, which enclosed basins of Silurian and Jurassic seas; as to recent formations they are only freshwater ones, and belong to the Tertiary and Post-pliocene; these last, which are remains of several smaller lakes, are found at a great height above the level of Lake Baikal. M. Tchersky's geological researches confirm the suggestion which was made several years ago on geographical grounds by M. Kropotkin, namely, that, like several other lakes, Lake Baikal consists of two longitudinal valleys, connected together in the middle part of the actual basin.

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