Hay Fever


IN Mr. Hannay's letter on Hay Fever (p. 485) two facts are mentioned, viz., that “those who are afflicted with hay fever are so owing to the tenderness of the internal lining of the nose”, and that “in Scotland hay fever is practically unknown”. By connecting these facts a probable remedy is suggested, viz., the use of snuff. That this habit destroys the natural tenderness of the internal lining of the nose is evident from the insensibility of the snuff-taker to doses that furiously irritate the nostrils that have been differently educated. As Scotchmen generally are either snuff-takers themselves or descended from snuff-takers, a direct or hereditary insensibility may explain their immunity from this affliction. Not being one of its victims, I am unable to try the experiment, which should be started a few weeks before the season commences, in order to gradually develop the acquired insensibility.

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WILLIAMS, W. Hay Fever. Nature 24, 510 (1881). https://doi.org/10.1038/024510c0

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