Red Rainbows


THE accounts in NATURE, vol. xxiv. pp. 431, 459, of pink and red rainbows induce me to mention one of a rose colour which was seen in this neighbourhood at sunset yesterday afternoon. Just before setting, the sun shone out with a pale golden glow, but about the north and east there was a general cloudiness, dark inky purple with light masses of cloud floating from north to south, and as the sunset glow lost its golden and assumed a ruddy appearance, these floating clouds took the same colour, the general cloudiness beyond retaining its purple character, and on looking north-east there was the rainbow, or rather the lowest part of the left hand of the bow, almost perpendicular, but inclining, of course, to the east; the general colour was rose, but along the inner side the prismatic colours were plainly seen. It lasted for about five minutes, and was seen by others who were just giving up shooting, about a mile from the house. The clouds in the west soon put on a stormy appearance, and rain began to fall.

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CRISPIN, A. Red Rainbows. Nature 24, 510 (1881).

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