Infusorial Parasites on Stickleback


ONE day in June, when examining a very small stickleback under the microscope, I was surprised to find it infested by numbers of infusoria, evidently parasitic upon it. This led me to examine others from the same water, viz, a pond very rich in infusorial life generally, as also specimens from the river close at hand. Every specimen from the pond was similarly attacked, while none of those from the river were so. The parasite is apparently Trichodina pediculus, which is stated to be parasitic upon Hydra vulgaris. Want of literature on the subject has prevented me from following the matter up, but it seems that I have found, if not a new species, at least a new host for a known species. I shall be glad if any of the readers of NATURE can give me any information on the subject.

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POOLE, N. Infusorial Parasites on Stickleback. Nature 24, 485 (1881).

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