Tebbutt's Comet—Origination of its Proper Light


WHILE there seems now no doubt that the honour of being the discoverer of the great comet of 1881 belongs without question to that life-long and most persevering observer, as well as successful computer, of comets, in Australia, Mr. John Tebbutt, three communications which chance to have arrived here this morning from different countries contain most diverse ideas of the nature of that portion of the comet's light which universal spectroscopic observation proves is inherent to the comet itself, indicating the existence there of carburetted gas of some kind, and is quite distinct from the concomitant weak reflection of solar light.

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SMYTH, P. Tebbutt's Comet—Origination of its Proper Light. Nature 24, 430 (1881). https://doi.org/10.1038/024430a0

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