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PARIS Academy of Sciences, August 8.—M. Wurtz in the chair.— The following papers were read:—On the heat of formation of perchlorate of potass, by MM. Berthelot and Vieille.—Specific heats and heats of dilution of perchloric acid, by M. Berthelot.—Note on the communication to last meeting, by M. Boulley, on M. Toussaint's experiments on the infection produced by the juices of heated viands, by M. Chevreul.—Researches on the anhydrous chlorides of gallium, by M. Lecoq de Boisbaudran.—The standards of weights and measures of the Observatory, and the apparatus used in their construction, their origin, history, and present state, by M. C. Wolf.—On the Fuchsian functions, by M. H. Poincaré.—On the imitation, by means of hydrodynamics, of electrical and magnetic actions, by M. C. A. Bjerknes.—On the compressibility of carbonic acid and air under weak pressure and at a high temperature, by M. E. H. Amagat.—On the action of oxygen on mercury, by M. E. Amagat.—On the heating of waggons, carriages, &c., by means of the crystallised acetate of soda, by M. A. Ancelin.—Researches on the conditions of manufacture of magnets, by M. G. Trouvé.—Dissociation comparison of formulæ by experiment, by M. G. Lemoine.—Action of sulphuric acid on bromic amylene, by M. Chatin.—On a solution, of density 3.28, suitable for the immediate analysis of rocks, by M. D. Klein.—Tuberculous infection by the liquids of secretion and the serosity of vaccine pustules, by M. H. Toussaint.—Note on hydrophobia, by M. H. Duboué.

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