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Correction of an Error in “Island Life”

Nature volume 23, page 195 | Download Citation



MY friend Dr. Günther has kindly called my attention to an extraordinary error at p. 322–323 of my “Island Life,” where I state that the Loch Killin Charr (Salmo Killinensis) inhabits a lake in Mayo County, Ireland; instead of a small lake in Inverness-shire, 2000 feet above the level of the sea, as given in Dr. Günther's original description in the Proceedings of the Zoological Society, 1865, p. 698. On referring to my MSS. notes for this part of my work, I find that the habitat was first correctly given, but subsequently scored out and altered to the erroneous Irish locality! Why this was done I cannot now discover; and I can only regret that I should have fallen into so palpable an error, and request such of the readers of NATURE as possess my book to make the necessary alterations.

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