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Annalen der Physik und Chemie, No. II.—Magnetic researches, by F. Auerbach.—New researches on magnetism, by C. Baur.—On so-called polar induction, by E. Riecke.—Determination of the absolute velocity of current electricity from Hall's phenomenon, by A. v. Ettingshausen.—Method of calibration of a wire for galvanic measurements, by W. Giese.—Action of gases and vapours on the optical properties of reflecting surfaces, by P. Glan.—On a new interference-photometer, by Fr. Fuchs.—Influence of the density of gases on their conduction of heat, by A. Winkelmann.—Currents of liquids resulting from unequal temperature within them, by A. Oberbeck.—Theory of the interference-phenomenon presented by dichröitic crystal-plates cut at right angles to the axis, by E. Ketteler.—On the polarisation of diffracted light, by M. Rethy.—On changes produced in the spark and brush phenomena by coverings of the electrodes, by W. Holtz.—On atmospheric refraction of sound rays, by A. Kneser.—Double-acting mercury-pump without cock, by F. Neesen.—Alteration of Rüdorff's absorption-hydrometer, by the same—Reply to a note by O. E. Meyer, by L. Boltzmann.—Remarks on U. Dühring's paper on the law of corresponding boiling temperatures, by A. Winkelmann.

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