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THE Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, Normal and Pathological, vol. xv. part I, October, contains:—Dr. C. Creighton, on an infective form of tuberculosis in man, identical with bovine tuberculosis, plates I to 6.—Dr. W. Allen, on a third occipital condyle in the human subject, plate 7.—Dr. J. Dreschfeld, some points in the histology of cirrhosis of the liver, plate 8.—Dr. S. Mortiz, a contribution to the pathological anatomy of lead paralysis, plate 9.—Dr. G. S. Middleton, vascular lesions in hydrophobia and in other diseases characterised by cerebral excitement, plate 10.—Dr. D. Macphail, an ether percolator, for use in physiological or pathological laboratories, plate II.—Dr. D. Newman, the comparative value of chloroform and ethidene dichloride as anaesthetic agents.—Dr. R. Pinkerton, observations on the temperature of the healthy human body in various climates.—Dr. George Hoggan and Dr. F. Elizabeth Hoggan, the lymphatics of cartilage and of the perichondrium.—Dr. K. J. Anderson, a palatine branch from the middle meningeal artery.—J. F. Knott, muscular anomalies.

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