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    Annalen der Physik und Chemie, No. 10.—On the influence of curvature of the wall on the constants of capillarity in wetting liquids, by P. Volkmann.—Constructions for anomalous dispersion, by E. Ketteler.—On Newton's dust-rings (continued), by K. Exner.—On calculation of the correction for temperature in calorimetric measurements, by L. Pfundler.—Chemical energy and electromotive force of various galvanic combinations, by J. Thomsen.—On the photo and thermo-electric properties of fluor spar, by W. Hankel.—On electrical elementary laws, by E. Riecke.—Remarks on some recent electro-capillary experiments, by E. Lippmann.—Experimental researches on weakly magnetic substances (third part), by P. Silow.—Researches on the height of the atmosphere and the constitution of gaseous heavenly bodies (continued), by A. Ritter.—Reply to Herr Herwig “On the Heat-Conductivity of Mercury,” by H. F. Weber.—Reply to Herr Winckelmann's remarks in a recent number, by the same.

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