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American Journal of Science and Arts, August,—This number opens with the first portion of a paper by Mr. Upham, on terminal moraines of the North American ice-sheet.—Prof. Kimball describes experiments with regard to the effects of magnetisation on the tenacity of iron and on the flexure of a soft iron bar. Inter alia, he proves that a soft iron bar has its tenacity increased about nine-tenths of 1 per cent, by magnetising it to saturation.—Prof. Hilgard calls attention to some points in connection with the loess of the Mississippi valley, which seems to render the Æolian hypothesis untenable regarding that and similar deposits elsewhere; the hypothesis, viz., that the true loess is always a subaërial deposit, formed in a dry central region, and that it owes its structure to the formative influence of a steppe vegetation.—Dr. Cutter describes his method of micro-photography with Tolles's 1/75-inch objective.—Prof. Peirce demonstrates the value of M. Faye's proposal of a method of swinging pendulums for the determination of gravity, and Mr. Hodges offers, some considerations on the size of molecules, arising out of the conversion of water into steam, and the combining effect of platinum on hydrogen and oxygen.—Among other topics treated are the geology of Virginia, the discovery of a new group of carboni-ferous rocks in South-Eastern Ohio, and the Laramie group of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico.

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