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Bulletin of the United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories (vol. v. No. 1. Washington, February 28).—Notes on the Aphididæ of the United States, with descriptions of species occurring west of the Mississippi, by Chas. V. Riley and J. Monell.—The relations of the horizons of extinct vertebrata of Europe and North America, by E. D. Cope.—Observations on the faunæ of the miocene tertiaries of Oregon, by E. D. Cope.—Notes on the birds of Fort Sisseton, Dakota territory, by Chas. E. McChesney.—Palæontological papers, No. 9.—Fossils of the Jura-trias of South-eastern Idaho, by C. A. White, M.D.—Jura-trias Section of South-eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming, by A. C. Peale, M.D.—Fossil forests of the volcanic tertiary formations of the Yellowstone National Park, by W. H. Holmes.—Palæontological Papers, No. 10.—Conditions of preservation of invertebrate fossils, by C. A. White, M.D.—Supplement to the bibliography of North American invertebrate palæontology, by C. A. White, M.D., and H. Alleyne Nicholson. This supplement embraces publications which have been made during the year 1878, and also all the omissions pertaining to the first list issued as No. 10 of the Miscellaneous Publications of the U.S. Geological Survey. The year 1878 was not productive of many memoirs on North American invertebrate palaeontology. Dr. White records the publications made in the United States, Prof. Nicholson those made in British North America, West Indies, and Europe.

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