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    PARIS Academy of Sciences, August 4.—M. Daubree in the chair.—The following papers were read:—On the recent tornado in the United States, and on records of Buffon's and Spallanzani's observations of whirlwinds, by M. Faye.—Remarks by M. Berthelot on M. Wurtz's paper on hydrate of chloral.—Secreting and circulating effects produced by the faradisation of the nerves which traverse the tympanum, by M. A. Vulpian.—Supplementary note on the theory of the pulsations of the heart and arteries and their registration, by M. Bouillaud.—On the origin of hail, and on some whirlwinds in which the air was drawn upwards, by M. Colladon.—On the theory of fertilisation, by M. Dechant.—Note on the rotation theory of heavenly bodies, by M. Mougeolle.—A number of communications relating to Phylloxera vastatrix, by MM. Gayon and Millardet, G. Foex, A. Quercy, Borel, and H. Barthelemy, were read.—Observations of the occultation of Antares on July 28 last, by C. Flammarion.—On the normal calorific spectrum of the sun, and of the incandescent platinum lamp (Bourbouze), by M. Mouton.—Some observations on M. Mouton's paper, by M. P. Thenard.—On the vibrations on the surface of liquids, by M. F. Lechat.—On Ampere's currents by M. Treve.—On magnets, by the same.—On the distillation of liquids under the influence of static electricity, by M. D. Gernez.—On the employment of the diffusion method in the study of the phenomena of dissociation, by M. L., Troost.—On the action of pyrogallate of potassium upon nitric oxide, by M. G. Lechartier.—On solid hydrocyanic acid, by MM. Lescoeur and A. Rigaut.—On synthetic methylpropyl-carbinol, by J. A. Le Bel.—On the non-existence of a soluble alcoholic ferment, by M. D. Cochin.—On the colouring matter of Palmello, cruenta, by Mr. T. L. Phipson.—On the vital properties of cells and on the appearance of their nuclei after their death, by M. L. Ranvier.—On the lymphatics of the perichondrium, by Messrs. G. and Fr. E. Hoggan.—Note by M. L. Hugo, on a number representing the sphere among the ancients.

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