On Sphenophyllum, Asterophyllites, and Calamites 1

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I HAVE just received from Herr D. Stur an abstract of a menioir in which he announces that he has obtained a specimen from the Carboniferous rocks in which he finds twigs of Astero-phyllites and Sphenophyllum, forming the branches of the stem of a Calamite, and that the strobili of Bruckmannise occur at the ends of such of the branches as support Sphenophylloid leaves. Herr D. Stur appears to regard Sphenophyllum as representing the foliage of the fruiting twigs of the plant, whilst Asterophyl-lites represents the ordinary vegetative foliage of the same plant.

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WILLIAMSON, W. On Sphenophyllum, Asterophyllites, and Calamites 1 . Nature 20, 375–376 (1879) doi:10.1038/020375a0

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