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    American Journal of Science and Arts, July.—Contributions to meteorology, by E. Looinis (eleventh paper).—Silurian formation in Central Virginia, by J. L. Campbell.—New form of spectrometer, and on the distribution of the intensity of light in the spectrum, by J. W. Draper.—Extinct volcanoes about Lake Mono, and their relation to the glacial drift, by J. Leconte. Mineral locality in Fairfield Co., Connecticut, by G. J. Brush and E. L. Dana (third paper).—Note on the progress of experiments for comparing a wave-length with a metre, by C. S. Peirce.—Recent additions to the marine fauna of the eastern coast of North America, by A. E. Verrill.—Position of the planets Philomela and Adcona, by C. H. F. Peters.—Method of preventing the too rapid combustion of the carbons in the electric lamp, by H. W. Wiley.—Bernardinite, a new mineral resin, by J. M. Stilltnan.—Notice of a new Jurassic mammal, by O. C. Marsh.—On the Hudson River age of the Taconic schists, by James D. Dana.—(Several of these papers are noticed by us elsewhere.)

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