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    THE Paris Geographical Society held last Friday its annual December meeting, at its hotel, under the presidency of Admiral La Ronciere le Nourry. The report of the progress of geography was read by M. Maunoir, the secretary. M. de Ujfalvy delivered an address on the region of Central Asia which he visited, and which may be termed the extreme frontiers of the Russian empire, and which are just now attracting so much notice. This traveller will soon come to London to give the same address before the Royal Geographical Society. His exploration was made at the expense of the French Government. On the following Saturday a banquet took place at the Continental Hotel. The usual toasts were given. After dinner M. de Lesseps, who is very likely to be nominated president of the Society for 1879, at the April meeting, gave some account of his visit to Tunis with Capt. Roudaire, in order to investigate the conditions of the creation of the new Saharan Sea. M. de Lesseps described the whole scheme as being easily practicable for a sum of not more than 60,000,000 of francs. He said that the French extension telegraph system was extending all over Tunis and Tripoli, and that Arabs were accustomed to follow the telegraphic line as their camels travelled at a quicker rate when following its track. He intimated that the Egyptian telegraphic system was extending to the equator, and that he advised M. Cochery, the Director of French Postal Telegraphy, to extend it all orer Sahara up to Senegal.

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