Royal Society—the President's Anniversary Address 1


    GENTLEMEN, AT the conclusion of this, the fifth and last year during which I shall have held the most honourable office of your president, I have the gratifying assurance that the communications made to the Society and its publications have in no respect fallen off in scientific interest and value. We have not, indeed, been called upon to undertake during the past year such responsible and time-absorbing duties in behalf of the Government as the Polar, Circumnavigation, Transit of Venus, and other Committees demanded of us during the previous four years; but some of the results already achieved by those expeditions have been contributed to our publications, and we are in expectation of more. It is also with satisfaction that I can refer to the good attendance at our evening meetings, soirées, and réunions, as evidence of the interest taken in our proceedings by the Fellows generally and their friends.


    1. 1

      Professor Jos. Le Conte . In NATURE, vol. xviii. p. 668.

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