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    Journal de Physique, April.—In this number M. Vincent recommends chloride of methyl as a frigorific agent, and indicates an abundant source of it. He employs a cylindrical copper vessel having double walls, between which the liquid is admitted through a peculiar cock from an adjoining vessel. In the central part is put an uncongealable liquid such as alcohol. The outer wall is enveloped in cork. On opening the cock the chloride of methyl enters into ebullition, and the temperature of the alcohol bath sinks to − 23°. By connecting with an air pump and making vacuum, a much lower temperature may be obtained. One pretty experiment with this apparatus is the crystallisation of mercury.—M. Gariel explains the new system of numbering glasses of spectacle, in which a unit called the dioptrie is used, this being the power of a convergent lens of Im. focal distance. The number of dioptries for a particular lens is got by dividing Im. by the focal distance reckoned in metres and decimal fractions of a metre, since the power varies in inverse ratio of the focal distance. Let ND be the number of a lens reckoned in dioptries and fm the focal distance in metres, then ND/fm. = Im., which gives one of the quantities when the other is known.—M. Pellat contributes a mathematical paper on the specific heats of vapours, and the phonograph occupies some attention.

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