Kryptogamien Flora von Schlesien


THIS flora is dedicated to the president of the “Schlesischen Gesellschaft für vaterländische Cultur,” Prof. Goeppert, on the fiftieth anniversary of his receiving his doctor's degree. The whole has been ably edited by Dr. Ferdinand Cohn. It is proposed to continue the flora in two more volumes, one devoted to the Algæ and Lichens, and the third to the Fungi, but two years more must elapse before the completion of the entire work. The first volume includes two parts, the first containing the Vascular Cryptogams and Mosses, the second the Liverworts and Characeæ, with an appendix to the species of Mosses and Hepaticæ, and a copious index. The vascular cryptogams are described by Stenzel, and include twenty-one genera, fifty-three species, and ten sub-species. A history of the discovery of Silesian Pteridophy ta is prefixed, and an interesting account of their distribution. Thus the species found on serpentine, limestone, and other rocks, are noted, as well as the hypsometrical distribution. Four regions of elevation are distinguished: I, from 55 metres to 150 m.; 2, from 150 m. to 500 m.; 3, from 500 m. to 1,100 m.; and 4, from 1,100 m. to 1,500 m. The arrangement of some of the species and sub-species is not quite in accordance with our English ideas. Thus Woodsia hyperborea, Koch, is separated into two sub-species: I, arvonica, With.; and 2, rufidula, Sw.; equal to hyperborea R., Br. and ilvensis R., Br. respectively. Cystopteris montana of British botanists is C. sudetica, Al. Braun and Milde. Then A. dilatatum, spinulosum, and cristatum, are all placed as sub-species of Aspidium spinulosum, Sw., and A. aculeatum lobatum, and angulare are made sub-species of A. aculeatum, Döll.

Kryptogamien Flora von Schlesien.

Erster Band. (Breslau: J. U. Kern's Verlag, 1876.)

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