The Norwegian Deep-Sea Expedition 1


THE Voringin left Tromsö on July 14, lay the following day, which was a Sunday, in Kjosen, by Lyngen, and we recommenced our work on the 16th, off Fuglö (71° N. lat.). From this point a cross-section was made to lat 711/2°, long. 14° E., the bottom reaching nowhere more than 900 fathoms. On the 18th we steered southwards, and took up another cross-section parallel to the above, and about twelve geographical miles distant. This was finished on the 20th, and we sailed to Tromsö, where we arrived at midnight. In the last cross-section we found a depth of more than 1,200 fathoms on the north-east bolder of the deep-sea bay abutting on the steep bank outside Vesteralen and Lofoten.

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