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    LONDON Entomological Society, September 5.-Prof. J. O. West-wood-wood, M.A., president, in the chair.—Mr. F. Smith exhibited, on behalf of Mr. G. A. J. Rothney, a remarkably fine collection of Hymenoptera from Calcutta. Among them were several new species of Cerceris and a few new species of Apidæ.—Mr. McLachlan exhibited drawings with details of Himantopterus fuscinervis, an extraordinary insect from Java, described by Wesmael, in 1836, as belonging to the Lepidoptera. Dr. Hagen transferred the genus to the Neuroptera, in 1866, but Mr. McLachlan had recently examined the unique specimen in the Brussels Museum, and had decided that it was truly lepi-dopterous. Mr. McLachlan also exhibited leaves of a large species of Acer from trees growing in a garden in the neighbourhood of Brussels. Almost every leaf had been mined by the larva of a small saw-fly (Phyllotoma aceris), a species occurring in England. This insect only appeared in the locality mentioned last year, and yet was found by Mr. McLachlan in enormous numbers.-Prof. Westwood exhibited specimens of a minute Hymenopteron from Ceylon allied to the British Mymar pulchellus.-Prof. Westwood also exhibited males and females of the rare beetle Narycius smaragduhis, from India. This insect had remained almost unknown since the time of its description by the exhibitor in 1842.—Mr. James Wood-Mason, of the Calcutta Museum, exhibited the two sexes of Phyttothelvs Westwoodi (Mantidæ) which species was remarkable on account of the presence of a large frontal horn in the female not represented in the male.—Mr. Wood-Mason also exhibited a beautifully-executed drawing ot a stridulating spider (Mygale stridulans) in a stridulating attitude, and likewise specimens of stridulating scorpions, from India. Mr. Mason also handed to the president for identification, an homopterous insect with what appeared to be the larva of same case-bearing lepidopterous insect attached to it.—Mr. P. Wormald exhibited, on behalf of Mr. Pryer, a small collection of Chinese Lepidoptera.-Mr. G. C. Champion exhibited some rare beetles from Aviemore, Invernesshire; among them a new British Longicorn, Pachyta sexmacufaia.—Mr. J. Jenner Weir mentioned a case of parthenogenesis in Lasiocampa quercus whicn had recently come under his notice.-The president read a letter from Herr Grevelink, of the Hague, relating to the insect which destroys the West Indian cocoa-nut trees (Aleyrodes cocois),-The Secretary exhibited a Longicorn beetle, which had been forwarded from Birkenhead by Mr. David Henderson.—Mr. J. W. Slater read a paper entitled “Vivarium Notes on some Common Coleoptera.”

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