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    THE TICHORHINE RHINOCEROS.—A number of the Memoirs of the Imperial Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg just issued contains an elaborate article on the Tichoihine Rhinoceroses by the veteran naturalist, Dr. J. F. Brandt. Dr. Brandt treats of two extinct species under this category, which he calls R. antiquitatis (i.e., R. tichorhinus, auctt.) and R. merkii. With the latter he proposes to unite R. etmscus of Falconer. Remarks are added upon R. leptorhinns of Cuvier and other allied species. When we consider the number of valuable contributions to science recently made by Brandt, Middern-dorf, Kowalewski, Radde, von Schrenck, and other distinguished names of the Academy of St. Petersburg, it becomes somewhat ridiculous to a naturalist to hear the oft-repeated assertion of the British patriot “that the Russians are as great barbarians as the Turks!”

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