The Land of Hissar and Kolab

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    THE eastern part of the dominions of the Emir of Bokhara is the belt of land between 37° 30′ and 39° N.L., and 67° and 71° E.L., bordered on the north by the now Russian province of Samarkand and the Karategin, and on the south by Afghanistan (the Balkh, Kunduz, and the Badakshan districts). It has hitherto been all but totally unknown. M. Maïeff, after having, together with Lieut. Vishnevsky and M. F. Schwarz, thoroughly explored it in 1875, giyes us a description of the land of Hissar and partly that of Kolab (Isvestia of the Russ. Geog. Soc., 1876, 4th fasc.), with an elaborate map, based on numerous determinations of latitudes and longitudes, surveys, and barometrical measurements of heights.

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    The Land of Hissar and Kolab . Nature 16, 144 (1877) doi:10.1038/016144a0

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