Our Insect Foes

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    AN important conference was held at the Society of Arts on Tuesday afternoon on the subject-of insects injurious to agriculture and methods of stamping them out. Its origin was a proposition by Mr. Andrew Murray (who has had the arrangement of the collection of economic entomology made by the Science and Art Department), which he laid before the Lord President of the Council. The proposition was printed by order of the president, and copies were sent to the agricultural societies and chambers of agriculture of the country, After the proposition had been before them for two months and there was no indication of any notice being taken of it, it was arranged that a conference of delegates of agricultural societies should be held at the Society of Arts. The Duke of Buccleuch, K.G., took the chair, and there were present representatives of the Scottish, Cheshire, Warwick, Hampshire, and Banbury Chambers of Agriculture; the Farmers” Club, Dr. Maxwell Masters, representing the president of the Royal Society, Prof. Voelcker (chemist to the Royal Agricultural Society), Mr. Sewell Reed, M.P., &c. The conference was opened by a paper read by Mr. Murray.

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