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    Poggendorft's Annalen der Physik und Chemie, No. II, 1876.—On the nature of elastic reaction, by M. Braun.—On the gliding of gas on glass walls, by M. Warburg.—Report on experiments of Dr. Root of Boston, on penetration of platinum by electrolytic gases, by M. Helmholtz.—Researches on the heat phenomena in the galvanic battery, and on electromotive forces, by M. Edlund.—Electro-magnetic properties of unclosed electric currents, by M. Schiller.—On the reply of M. Schlösser and the asserted preferability of ebonite for the discs of influence-machines, by M. Holtz.—Observation on the division, among two acids, of the positive metal in a galvanic battery, by M. Fuchs.—On phenomena of motion in electrified surfaces of mercury, by M. Herwig.—On the galvanic behaviour of gold, and a new kind of Nobili rings, by M. Schiel.

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