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    THE AMERICAN BISONS.—An important quarto memoir on the living and extinct Bisons of America, from the pen of Mr. J. A. Alien, has just been issued from the University Press of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is illustrated by twelve plates and a map of North America, in which the distribution of the bison at different dates is indicated by various colours. The material for the account of the fossil forms, namely, Bison latifrons and B. antiquus, was obtained by Mr. N. S. Shaler, the Director of the Kentucky Geological Survey during 1868 and 1869, at Big Bone Lick. Independent of its scientific interest the description of the chase and rapid diminution of the existing animal will be found well worthy of perusal.

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    Biological Notes . Nature 15, 167–168 (1876) doi:10.1038/015167b0

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