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    Verhandlungen der k. k. zoologisch-botanischen Gesellschaft in Wicn, vol. xxv. The following papers are published in this volume: On some new species of Mycetophilidæ from the neighbourhood of Sandez (Galizia), by Dr. A. Grzegorzek.—On the structure of the muscular cells and on the general structure of Mnesira parasites, Krohn, by Prof. C. Claus.—On some new and some insufficiently known species of Cecidomyidæ of the Vienna district, by Dr. Franz Löw.—On the relations of the African and Indo-Malayan bird-fauna, with some general remarks on the geographical distribution of mammals, by A, von Pelzeln. —On Hungarian fungi (third treatise: fungi hypogæi), by Prof. A. Haszlinsky.—Description of new and insufficiently known Phryganidæ and Oestridæ, by Dr. Fr. Brauer.—Mycological notes, by S. Schulzervon Müggenburg.—Hemiplera Heteroptera Ausirmca, MM. Maji.—Augusti, 1870, a J. A. Palmén collecta, by O. M. Reuter.—On some new Lepidoptera of the South American fauna, by Dr. O. Staudinger.—Second note on the Arachnida-order of Territelariæ Thorrell (Mygalidæ Autor.), by Dr. Anton Ausserer. This is one of the most elaborate papers in the volume. On North-American moths, specially microlepidoptera, by Prof. P. C. Zeller; this is equally elaborate.— Notes on Adriatic echinoidæ, by Dr. E. von Maienzeller.—On the vegetation-formations of the Taurian peninsula and its climatic conditions, by Dr. A. Rehmann.—Researches on the Diptera-fauna of Austria, by Josef Palm.—On the ornithological fauna of Moravia, by F. von Dalberg.—On the occurrence of Salix bakylonica, L,., androgyna et masculina in Austria, by J. E. Hibsch.—Lichenological excursions in the Tyrol, by F. Arnld. —On some species of Salix new in the “Wechsel” district (Lower Austria), by E. Woloszczak. — Researches on land-Isopoda, byC. von Vogl.—On some species of Spermophilus, by Ernst Schauer.—On the fungi-flora of Bohemia, by F. von Thümen. —On the occurrence of short-eared Arvicolæ near Vienna, by Prof. L. H. Jeitteles.—On thermal constants and the power of accommodation in the vegetable kingdom, by Prof. H. Hoffmann.—Remarks on some ferns from the island of Celebes, by M. Kuhn.—Botanical excursions in Italy, by Dr. C. von Marchesetti.—Researches on some parasites infecting the hop plant, producing mildew and “kupferbrand”(copperburn), by Wilh. Voss.—Second paper, containing additional remarks on the Cecidomyidæ of the Vienna district, by Dr. Franz Löw.—Researches on Æolidiadæ, by Dr. R. Bergh.—New researches on Phyllidiadæ, by ihe same.—European Encyrtidæ, considered biologically and systematically, by Dr. G. Mayr (this paper occupies some hundred pages).—Muscorum species nova, by J. Juratzka.—Symbolse ad pteridographiam et Characeas Hungariæ præcipue Banatus, by Dr. V. de Borbás.—On some Lepidoptera, by A. F. Rogenhofer.—Researches made upon leaf galls and their causes on Vitis vinifera, by G. von Haimhoffen.— Six years' observations on the first appearances both in the animal and vegetable kingdoms at New Cologne near Milwaukee (North America), by Th. A. Bruhin.—On the flora of Lower Austria (second paper), by J. Wiesbaur.

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