Nordenskjöld's Expedition to the Jenissei

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    THE expedition, of whose plan, equipment, and composition we have already given some account, left Tromsö in the steamer Ymer, on July 25 this year, and on the 3Oth entered Matotschkin Scharr, where they obtained some specimens of Novaya Zemlya salmon. An easy passage was made to the east side, where, during a stay of twenty-four hours, the naturalists did some collecting, dredging, &c. Leaving the Scharr on the 31st, the Kara Sea was at first found quite open, but after a few hours it became so blocked with loose ice in all directions that the Ymer was compelled to turn back, and was anchored on the inner side of the promontory which projects from the southern side of the sound, nearly half way between the entrance and Gubin Bay.

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    Nordenskjöld's Expedition to the Jenissei . Nature 15, 123–125 (1876) doi:10.1038/015123a0

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