The Intra-Mercurial Planet Or Planets


THE question of the existence of one or more planetary bodies revolving within the orbit of Mercury is again revived by Weber's observation of a round black spot just within the sun's eastern limb, on the afternoon of April 4 in the present year which had not been visible on the same morning, and early on the following day had disappeared. The position at2¾ ′ only from this limb is one, where an ordinary spot would not be expected to exhibit a circular outline; and a round black disk, in such a position more especially, must instantly attract the attention of a practised observer. On April 4 clouds unfortunately prevented lengthened observation, and in Weber's notice there is no reference to any perceptible motion during the short time the spot could be watched.

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HIND, J. The Intra-Mercurial Planet Or Planets. Nature 14, 469–470 (1876).

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