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    THE CORDOBA “URANOMETRIA.”—Dr. Gould has informed us, during his flying visit to this country in the last week, on his return to Cordoba from the United States, that he intends to give his Uranometria first and undivided attention, with the view to its early publication. It contains 8,000 stars to seventh magnitude inclusive, the whole estimated by not less than two observers, and often by more, each observer making his determination on not less than two nights, and often more, all cases of discordance between different observers being subsequently examined. The greater number of the stars have been observed with the meridian circle, and always in cases of doubt as to identification. The magnitudes are intended to be given to o'im by comparisons with previously established standards, on a most carefully-considered system. The manuscript charts are drawn to the scale of a globe of one metre radius, and the magnitudes of the stars are represented by dots of size proportional to the brilliancy to nearest two-tenths of a magnitude. Though this part of the work appears to have been completed to Dr. Gould's entire satisfaction, he expresses himself much disturbed as to the means of reproducing these manuscript charts with the necessary accuracy and delicacy; his hopes of success from the use of photography having been thus far disappointed. The Uranometria will include every star to the seventh magnitude inclusive, from the south pole of the heavens to ten degrees of north declination. Great care has been taken to secure accurate delineation of the course of the Milky Way and of the Magellanic Clouds.

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