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    THE forty-sixth Annual Session of the British Association was formally opened last night by the address of the president Prof. Andrews, of Belfast. From the reports of the preparations we have already given, it will have been seen that unusual efforts have been made to render this Glasgow meeting a success, and so far as can be judged at present this fend has been gained. This is the third time the Association has met in Glasgow. The first occasion was in 1840, when the Marquis of Breadalbane was president, and the last time in 1855, when a similar honour was conferred on the Duke of Argyll. This is the eighth time the Association has held its meeting in Scotland, Edinburgh having been the first northern town visited, so far back as 1834, four years after the foundation of the Association; the Scottish capital was again visited in 1850 and 1871; Aberdeen in 1859, when Prince Albert was president; and Dundee in 1867.

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    • 01 September 1876

      PLEASE allow me to point out an error in my address as given in your issue of September 7 (vol. xiv. p. 407). Instead of “Pelargonium of Kerguelen's Land” read “Pelargonium of Tristan d'Acunha.” This oversight was pointed out to me by Dr. Hooker in time to be corrected in the “Address” as published by the Association.

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