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Mind—A Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy. Edited by George Crooni Robertson, M.A., Professor of Philosophy of Mind and Logic, in University College, London. Jan. 1876.—Revue Philosophiquedela France ct del' Etranger. Dirigée par Th. Ribot. Première Année. Janvier 1876: Paris.—The growing importance of psychology has been asserted by the simultaneous appearance of a French and an English review, especially devoted to its interest. In scope and character the two publications are identical. One aim of the projectors of Mind seems to be to obtain a decision of the question: Is psychology a science? “Nothing less, in fact, is aimed at in the publication of Mind.” The first number opens with a lecture on “The Comparative Psychology of Man,” read before the Anthropological Institute, by Mr. Herbert Spencer. It is one mass of valuable suggestions, and every reader will follow with interest the divisions and sub-divisions under which Mr. Spencer recommends that the subject should be studied.—Next follows

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