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STRUVE'S COMPANION OF PROCYON.—Mr. Otto Struve, in his remarks at the Royal Astronomical Society, in May, 1874, upon the later Pulkowa observations of the faint companion to Procyon, which he discovered on March 19, 1873, and which has been supposed to account for the anomalous motion of the latter, established by the researches of Prof. Auwers, referred to the circumstance of the small star not having been up to that time perceived with the 26-inch refractor of the Washington Observatory. Admiral Davis, the present superintendent of this establishment, has communicated to the Astronomische Nachrichten, the particulars of observations principally instituted for the purpose of confirming the existence of Struve's companion. The observations were commenced in November 1873, and have been continued to the beginning of the present year. On no single occasion have Professors Newcomb and Holden, the usual observers, or any one who has examined the star with the 26-inch refractor, beee able to detect a companion in the position assigned by the Pulkowa measures. Close faint stars have, however, been remarked in other position-angles, about three of which it is stated no doubt is entertained:—

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