Report of the Vivisection Commission


    NO one who examines this voluminous Report of the Commission appointed some months ago to inquire into “the practice of subjecting live animals to experiments for scientific purposes,” can deny that the Commissioners have done their work thoroughly, as they have done it without delay. The Commissioners evidently entered upon their important inquiry with the determination of discovering the whole truth as to the practice of vivisection, and of eliciting the opinions and reasons not only of its advocates but of its most determined opponents. A mere glance at the long list of names of the witnesses will serve to assure anyone that the evidence which has been obtained is the expression of the most weighty and trustworthy opinion on both sides, and both the advocates and opponents of the practice must feel relieved that the Commission was appointed and has done its work: the former will be glad that the true condition of things is now before the public, that the worst, so to speak, is known, and the latter that they now know definitely what they have to contend against.

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