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Prof. Tyndall on Germs *



    THE author refers in an introduction to an inquiry on the decomposition of vapours and the formation of actinic clouds by light, whereby he was led to experiment on the floating matter of the air. He refers to the experiments of Schwann, Schröder and Dusch, Schröder himself, to those of the illustrious French chemist Pasteur, to the reasoning of Lister and its experimental verification, regarding the filtering power of the lungs; from all of which he concluded, six years ago, that the power of developing life by the air, and its power of scattering light, would be found to go hand in hand. He thought the simple expedient of examining by means of a beam of light, while the eye was kept sensitive by darkness, the character of the medium in which their experiments were conducted, could not fail to be useful to workers in this field. But the method has not been much turned to account, and this year he thought it worth while to devote some time to the more complete demonstration of its utility.

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