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The Loan Exhibition of Scientific Apparatus at South Kensington



    ON the 3rd inst, as we have already intimated, Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess of Germany invited to her palace forty of the representatives of science of Berlin, to lay before them the plan of the London Exhibition of Scientific Apparatus, and to ask their co-operation for this purpose. Amongst those honoured by invitations were the Ministers of Education and of Commerce, the Postmaster-General, and the following professors of the University:—M.M. Braun (botanist), Dove, Helmholtz, and Kirchhoff (physicists), Du Bois-Reymond (physiologist), Kiepert (geographer), Förster (astronomer), Peters (zoologist), Kronecker (mathematician),Websky (mineralogist), Hofmann, Oppenheim, and Sell (chemists), Wichelhaus (technologist). Orta (agriculturist); the following professors of the Polytechnic School:—MM. Reulaux (mechanician), Liebermann (chemist), Vogel (photographer), and Scheibler (agricultural chemist); the director of the South Kensington Museum, Mr. Cunliffe-Owen, the directors of the German Industrial Museum, MM. Gruner and Lessing, the manufacturers, Dr. Werner Siemens (member of the Academy), and Dr. Martius. The illustrious hostess, as well as His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince, pleaded warmly for the worthy representation of Germany in the London Exhibition. Although the short time left for preparation, and the coincidence of the exhibition with that of Philadelphia, were generally felt as serious drawbacks, some of the men of science present taking the lead assembled the following day, when a general committee was formed under the presidency of Dr. A. W. Hofmann; with the view of forming special committees for the different branches of the exhibition, and of inviting one member of every German University and Polytechnic School to co-operate with them. An invitation to the men of science and the manufacturers of scientific apparatus has already been issued.

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