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An Exploring Expedition to the Interior of Sumatra


ONLY a short time ago the Geographical Society of Amsterdam took the first preliminary steps towards the realisation of a long-cherished idea,—the exploration of those parts of Sumatra which have hitherto been indicated by white patches on our maps of that island, even though they form part of the colonial territory. These regions are bounded to the south by the residencies of Palembang and Bencoolen, to the east by the Straits of Banka and the Sea of Riouw, and to the west by the highlands of Padang and the chain of volcanic mountains which traverses the island in its whole length, running parallel to the coast. All the above-named districts are tolerably well known, the native kingdoms of Reteh, Indragiri, and Kwantan, situated farther north, perhaps excepted. It is this white patch, better known under the name of the Djambi territory, which the expedition will choose for the special object of its researches.

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