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    THE Naturforscher for July contains the following among other papers:—On the distribution of land and water in Northern Europe during the ice-period, by K. Pettersen.—On the diffusion of gases through thin layers of liquid, by Franz Exner.—On Helmholtz's theory of vowels, by E. von Quanten.—On the influence of the surface of di-electric bodies upon their action at distances, by Romich and Fajdiga.—On electrodes which cannot be polarised, by A. Oberbeck.—On the changes of colour in an alcoholic solution of cyanine, by El. Borscow. Cyanine is the blue colouring matter of the flowers of Ajuga reptans and A. pyramidalis.—On the determination of alcohol in wine, by M. Malligand.—On the action of a weak acid upon the salts of a stronger, by H. Hübner and H. Wiesinger.—On the influence of the season upon the skin of embryos, by Herr Dönhof.—On the action of electricity of high tension upon liquids, by G. Planté—On the motion of the imbibition water in wood and in the vegetable cell, by Julius Wiesner.—On a simple means to find the poles of a rod magnet, by F. Müller.—On the analysis of Japanese bronzes, by E. J. Maumené.—On the nutrition of the animal body by peptone, by A. Gyergyai and P. Plosz.—On the conducting of electricity by flames, by F. Braun.—On the fauna of the Caspian Sea, by O. Grimm.—On the action of lime upon the germinating process of Phaseolus multiflorus, by J. Böhm.—The solubility of sodic nitrate and its hydrate, by A. Ditte.—The electric conduction resistance of air, by A. Oberbeck.—Influence of chlorine upon the nutrition of plants, by W. Knop.—On some experiments with disinfectants, by Herr Erismann.—Distinction between chemical and physiological ferments, by A. Müntz.—On the time of the disappearance of the ancient Fauna from the Island of Rodriguez, by A. Milne-Edwards.—Application of the tuning-fork to electric telegraphs, by P. La Cour.—On the climate at the Lower Jenissei, by W. Köppen.—Temperatures and specific gravity of the water of the German Ocean, by H. A. Meyer.—On the diffusion of moist towards dry air, by L. Dufour.—On the condensation of water in the soil, by A. Mayer.—What influences determine the sex of the hemp plants? by Fr. Haberlandt.

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